We had a chat with Mark from the multidisciplinary design studio ANTI to talk about their recent project with BYAS. He shared some thoughts about how they approach branding projects, the perfect client/studio relationships and what he expects for the future of identity design.

We had a chat with Elliot Vredenburg from the brand-defining creative studio Public Address to talk a bit about how he got into graphic design, their recent branding project with The Foresight Studio, and about his ways and means to get inspiration.

We had a chat with Jesper Bange from the award-winning global design agency BOND, to talk about their recent rebranding of the Finnish jewellery brand Kalevala. He also shared some thoughts on how the creative industry is doing during these crazy times and about BOND’s key to success.

We sat down with Pilar, an Art Director and Graphic Designer at Sola Studio, to learn more about her approach to a branding project, her thoughts for the future, and how she got started with design.

We’re very excited to officially introduce Brandpad Starter today; a plan tailor-made for brands who are looking to digitise, but want to do so without additional cost. In short, Brandpad Starter is a $0 option for companies and teams to bring their brand identity, and its assets to a digital home.

beep beep.

Now seems like a good time.

Ever since we launched Brandpad, we had a clear vision to make the new format for visual identities. We’re doing this by providing a fully customisable platform for design studios and their clients to efficiently handle brand identities and portfolios in the cloud. Up until now, we’ve focused a lot…

“We can do better. Together with clients, we design brands and packaging that balance big impact with a small footprint” — This is what Goods, a newborn packaging design company from Norway, says about themselves. So, we had a coffee with them and talked about old machines, plastic and how to make more good goods in this world.

Left to right: Co-founder Sandro Kvernmo, Product designer Kasper Jakobsen, Graphic designer Synne Flaa, Graphic designer Maria Rose + Chairman Mathias Hovet.

We sat down with Aaron, a creative director at Ueno, to talk to him about Ueno's approach to a branding project, his thoughts for the future, and how he got started with design.


The team behind Brandpad. We write about visual identities and design processes while running a brand guidelines system for designers.

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