BrandProtect — protect your products from counterfeiting
Aug 12 · 3 min read

BrandProtect is a brand company, which embodied technologies of blockchain
and crypto protection in the real sector of the economy.
We use blockchain technology to ensure the protection of intellectual property
rights of trademark owners, prevent counterfeiting and protect consumers from
counterfeit goods.
We create an ecosystem that provides the creation and functioning of hardware
and software packages of products, interaction platforms with logistic robots,
network and geolocation monitor, smartphone apps marking.
BrandProtect platform allows generating the necessary for the user apps and
program products, crypto markers for products (digital or QR code), branded
smartphone application from any part of the world within minutes. As well as to
launch and use all the functionality embedded in them.
The information about the origin of items, their characteristics, and properties,
terms of its usage, transportation is written in the blockchain and stored within
the distributed roster ensures immutability, availability, transparency and full
replication of data.

• Producers spend a huge amount of money on new brand
creations, raising its recognition. New technologies are not
stable. We should always remember, that demand causes
supply. Manufacturers try to produce the replication of
packages, create similar products. Why do they do this? The
answer is simple: it costs less than to create an original
product, a new one with good quality. The protection of
author’s rights on their trademark has turned into a big and
expensive problem.
• Customers want to be guaranteed with the originality of the
goods. Even if it is the bottle of whiskey or a handbag from a
famous trademark, customers want to be sure, that they don’t
waste their money and are going to get the product of the
expected quality.
• The buying and selling of counterfeit goods are generally seen as a
victimless crime, but oftentimes the profits go toward funding
some of the shadiest criminal elements from around the world,
including terrorism, human trafficking, and child labor. Government
loses a significant amount of tax revenue as a result of counterfeit
sales. Money, obtained from counterfeit sales, is used for financing
the smuggling of alcohol and cigarettes, prostitution, weapon and
drug trafficking. Great part of counterfeit economy constitutes child
and slavery labor.


The BrandProtect platform creates the ecosystem of blockchain, which is going
to protect the property rights, transparency, replication and efficient use for
sellers and buyers.
Labeling, creation of quality certificates and compliance with the brand, crypto
markers for products (digital or QR code), hardware and software packages of
products, interaction platforms with logistic robots, creation and mobile APP use
for certificates and geolocation, the transfer has never been so easy and cheap.
The usage of blockchain technology gives a way to create individual information
markers for manufacture goods and foodstuffs, drugs. It helps to make it
instantly, with a low price, which is very important nowadays. In addition, it
provides transactions through the individual means of communication.
The label owner can choose the level of the platform usage, from crypto markers
to the replication with their trademark. It also allows for creating a corporate

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