An Interview with Daria Dubinina

Brandster is an app launched by a team working from San Francisco and Amsterdam. Brandster allows users to get rewards for taking selfies with favorite brands in 3 easy steps. Users choose available campaigns on the app’s list or check them on the map, take a selfie at a sponsored location and then the brand logo is placed to the photo automatically. Once the selfie is shared on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, the user receives a cash reward.

With their technology, Brandster delivers transformative marketing solutions to brands, hotel and restaurant chains, and companies from other industries looking to deliver extremely engaging new customer experiences. Integrating Brandster can help invigorate a customer base, accelerate them towards loyalty, and expand a fanbase through social media. All this helps drive new revenue streams. Today we speak with Daria Dubinina one of the co-founders of Brandster.

Can you tell me about your background and how that prepared you to work with Brandster?

Well I had a background in payments for the last five years. Through my work I found Andrey Morozov who introduced me to Jordan. I was interested in getting involved because I like to explore inspiration and ideas that help people. So at the beginning I began to take responsibility for how things look, the feel of the app and working on making it into a real product.

What made you interested in joining Brandster?

I’d been interested in marketing and looking at new ways to market, not only online but with an offline component. So when I was approached, it seemed a great way to keep experimenting as well as giving me the chance to work on an mobile apps. I wanted to see if we can create something from nothing.

The Brandster App

What do you see as the mission or creative vision for Brandster as the company continues to expand?

We want to create space where anybody can be involved in advertising and working with their favorite brands. All people want to be able to interact with brands or to share favorite locations. We want to focus on that, sharing opinions of real people not just advertisers. So to do this, we look to create an environment in which they have rewards and goods, online and offline services — all in one app.

What do you see expanding in the new year for the company?

We’re taking interesting initiatives. First, we want to give people the opportunity to make charity or donation contributions with their balance from the app. We think it would be a great initiative for our users to donate to causes they care about — advertisers spend more that $540 Billion yearly, imagine what even a part of this amount can do for those people, animals or places that need help.

We’re also looking to add a game component to the app. Gamification allows to not only visit favorite places but to show our users interesting ways to try new places and products out, catch interesting deals or pay in new places with their balance.

Exciting news?

We have such a busy and exciting year ahead of us. We always welcome conversation about where we’re going next as a company and where there’s space for potential interested investors. We understand there are people eager to join our endeavor from the start and we’re always open to having that dialogue as we grow.

All our new features and of course the look and feel will change, we’re working on new app design and expanding our client base. We’re creating an even more sophisticated background system of the app for our partners, which would give them access to the data, analytics, campaign settings, and to really give them control of the processes.