The New Frontier in Marketing: Influencers

Let’s face it: in today’s tech savvy world, traditional marketing isn’t the way to go. Consumers are being bombarded by ads — not only in their daily life, but on their screens. Ads are everywhere we look: banners, pop-ups, and playing before youtube videos. One study suggests the average person is exposed to 5,000 ads per day . It’s no wonder the average consumer is overwhelmed by ads, and is looking for ways to ‘tune out’. There is a pushback against endless, impersonal advertising, with 200 million people choosing programs like Adblocker to find a little peace online. So, as we’ve all noticed, if marketing isn’t operating the way it once did, where should you focus your marketing attention? Enter, the influencer market…

Influencers operate in a sphere separate from traditional marketing. Native marketing provides a positive relationship for both the brand and social media users. To be clear, there are mega influencers with 100,000+ followers who make their living off of their ‘influencer’ status and their deals with advertisers. But that’s not who we want to celebrate or focus in this post. We’re focusing on the micro-influencers — everyday people who share and encourage brand awareness because they’re genuinely excited.

Empowerment and brand loyalty doesn’t start at the top. Young, excited consumers are eager for an authentic connection with their favorite brands. They are an untapped source of growth: after all, they aren’t running careers off their content creation. They’re normal people who want to spread the word, influence their peers and create real connections with brands.

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Instead of bombarding your potential consumer with banner ads or printing your message on eggs (seriously, this has been done!) you can engage with and create bonds with your potential user base through influencer marketing.

With this approach, you can create a genuine connection between user and producer of content. This isn’t an indiscriminate ad placed in front of someone with the hope they’ll happen to like it. Instead this is a dialogue, and a chance to foster brand loyalty. By using an influencer who creates content with their target audience in mind, you’re letting people who match your demographic know more about your brand.

With our app, everyday influencers are the people who will be receiving cash from companies they choose to work with. And this will in turn create connection and loyalty to that brand. As our co-founder and CCO Jordan Lawrence touched on last week, say you’ve spent your time creating content for a brand you respect, and they thank you using cash payment. Wouldn’t you choose to buy their product next time you’re grocery shopping? The feedback loop repeats between influencer and brand and their social circles and the brand.

What better way is there to tap into this user base than Pour? After all, people retain information for longer when they view an image. Opting for content created by users and consumers provides an authentic experience that benefits the brand and empowers the consumers.

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