Global brand translation – The 5 top brands that are getting it right

Whether it’s fantastical, comedic, clear and simple or simply poetic, how brands speak to their markets is as important as the products or services they are selling.

Finding the DNA of a company’s voice, large or small, is precisely what Brands Without Borders lives and breathes – helping brands discover their unique voice, personality. and tonal qualities to convince their consumers to go onto buy or sign up.

So what brands do we rate right now? Who are the voices that are bold and brave enough to capture the imagination of the world?

Brands Without Borders –Top 5 International Picks

From global Japanese retail outlets to Swedish FMCG brands, here are the international brands whose messages have a big impact on the English speaking world.


UNIQLO are a Japanese clothing brand which in one campaign have completely subverted what an ad needs to do to appeal to the western world. And, yes, you guessed it – this has resulted in a new bench mark for global brands. Take a look at the ad and an interview in Ad week:



ABSOLUT have quite literally put a message in a bottle and sent it sailing around the world. Find out how a Swedish vodka used something as simple as artistic bottle designs to instantly make vodka as appealing and familiar to whisky-swilling, red blooded Americans as it is to Scandinavians. Take a warming swig of brand insight here:



Let’s face it, nobody enjoys going to the bank. But they are an essential part of our lives. Santander demonstrate the power of simplicity with a message which has universal appeal – highlighting how they’ll give us the freedom to keep doing what we all want, while they do what we need them to do. Obviously, their tag line does this a lot more succinctly. Take a look at how they deposited the copy gold here:



If you’re going to spend a fair bit of money on a watch then naturally you’d look no further than a Swiss manufacturer. And there are a fair few to choose from. However, our pick of the bunch is OMEGA. As you’ll see their copy is imaginative, engaging you with story. But the thing that sets it apart for us is the subtle wit and perfectly placed,tongue-in-cheek humour (see ‘Her Time – The Finishing Touch’). Take a look at their impeccable comic timing here: :



Lavazza have mastered the art of expression – and you’dexpect nothing less from a stylish Italian brand. What’s great is the way they tap into universal emotional to introduce us to their various coffee machines, but subtley gage mood and individuality to resonate with the individual. Take a looka t what they’ve been brewing:



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