The Pig, The Politician, The Media and My Vote

I will say first that I claim no political party, I am not a college educated or a politically self-educated young man and I have never voted for anything concerning local or federal law or government my entire 37 years, although I will be at the polls in about a month to cast my vote for President of the United States. Many people would be quick to say that I have no business addressing the complex socioeconomic issues which plague our Country, and would be even deadlier on the draw to label me as “ignorant”. There is one root-answer as to why I have not taken steps to inform myself more of our political processes: GREED, THE CORRUPTION IT BREEDS AND MY FRUSTRATION. Every time I become informed upon how the political parties, the military industrial complex, media and social media are all connected and how all the money and information from these sources is funneled into political agendas and how the flow of information is so artfully but brashly and biasedly controlled, contrived and “reported” or “shared”– I stop dead in my research-tracks, become nauseous, scream and throw a fist down through the air and feel as though we are all stuck in a no-win situation and nobody (especially career politicians) will ever be able to start making real change in our political, economic and social realms and I just start thinking about how I’m going to prep for the fall-out I believe is eminent within my loved one’s and I’s lifetime.

I know the issues run deeper than my blanket understanding of the Democratic and Republican parties, but from what a basic hard-working, loving, caring, decently intelligent, spiritual guy can make of the information he is fed through Yahoo! and CNN homepages, Facebook, Fox News, CNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, Time Magazine, various newspapers and street-banter is that basically Democrats believe in a lot of Government, want everyone to be equal and for people to fix other people’s problems for them and Republicans believe in minimal Government, want everyone to work hard and fix most of their own problems whether or not they be on a federal, state, local community or personal level. Plain and simple that’s what I’ve read and been told by the medias and the masses. Which party’s ideals is the answer to our problems? I’ll leave that to an author whom cares to tell others if they’re right or wrong.

The time I’m spending writing this is going to reflect upon the 2 candidates running for the Presidential Office this year. My decision is not based on any political party’s ideals, but more so in comparison of the 2 candidates in relation to my life and what I’ve learned about myself and others and how I fit into this time and place I have been so blessed to be living. My humble opinion and vote is also based on, again, what I have derived from the media the masses the last I’d say 25 years of paying a little bit of attention and that information is detailed as follows.

Donald Trump: pig, womanizer, he is a business man and not a politician, he doesn’t want to share his tax return information, he has not paid Federal taxes in the past and maybe repeatedly but has never been indicted for tax-fraud or evasion, his wealth may not equate to what he claims, Hitleresque, bigot, father of a few decent and successful children, a liar, he is disgusted by homosexuals, he has body-shamed a woman whom willingly entered herself in a contest that he owns which judges people mostly on their body, he believes in protecting American lives and business at all costs, loves the blue-collar middle class family, wants to lower taxes on small-to-big businesses which develop and do business within our borders and heavily tax American business which take their operations out of our borders but still continue to sell to Americans, wants immigrants to come into our country legally and be properly screened before entering, wants to annihilate a terrorist group whom would love to torture and kill as many Americans as possible and watch our children die in explosions and destroy our way of life and freedoms, he has a temper and a bad demeanor, wants to implement law and order and policies that lend citizens to respect the law and the Police and may include “stop-and-search”, and if he had access to nuclear weapons he would use them as if he were playing a video game, I have heard him talk about how he would like to change things for the better when asked specifics — albeit not %100 of the time.

Hillary Clinton: Believes in equality, wants to fix others problems, wants to raise taxes for all businesses and simultaneously implement labor policies which effect the financial success of these business but will make life easier for the employee, has been investigated by the FBI and the FBI director said that she did indeed violate the policies regarding “top secret” information that she was accused of but that that wasn’t enough to charge her with any crime, she lied repeatedly about details of her actions and all of her staff took “the 5th”, she said she was “sorry”, she is a career politician, I have seen her lie and most Americans know she has lied and these lies pertain to but are not limited to American lives being lost in Benghazi and the safety of Americans in general, her and her husband’s foundation is accused of bad-dealings, she is part of an administration that has doubled our national debt in 8 years, I have never heard her describe how she is going to change things other than ideas of she wants to make things easier for people and she is going to make our country less dependent on oil.

What I’ve stated in the last few paragraphs is not personal opinion, but once again, the things that have stuck in my mind as “facts” (I guess) from the sources that have been presented to me. The following will be what I can derive from it all:

With all the people out there trying to take Trump down, including probably some of the best scum-drudges this world has to offer working for Clinton to do so — I have not heard or seen publicized any legitimate or meaningful lies other than he said-she said politics or seen any documentation that has led me to believe that he has lied about things that have affected the American public’s safety or well-being; Nor have I ever heard any statements that would lead me to believe that he hates homosexuals or thinks they shouldn’t be entitled to the same rights and happiness as heterosexuals. What I can derive from what I’ve been fed by the media and the masses that would affect my life is that he is a savvy business man that has a decent idea of how to eventually make our country profitable, he cares about my family and I being able to walk through Costco without being blown up or my loved ones and I having to watch one another die by way of terrorists, he thinks that by not allowing illegal immigrants into our country and then having basically free-reign when they arrive here illegally that it will make our country safer, stronger and more financially stable for all.

Trump has leadership qualities of speaking his mind and not someone else’s, he won’t back down from his ideals or beliefs and he speaks with passion from his heart, he is decisive, he has a protective and paternal instinct, I’ve never seen him completely lose his poise, I’ve never heard him specifically defame homosexuals or specifics of others beliefs, his talking points don’t seem contrived by someone else or by what he thinks his disapprovers would like to hear instead of what he believes, he has a presence and whether or not people agree with him or are enraged by him — they listen and I believe that he can make a difference.

Clinton likes to point fingers, people-please in order to get elected, says she is going to make changes that will improve America but has failed to do so in her 30 years in government (going by what I’ve heard through the media — nothing comes to mind), consistently blames being “taken out of context” when confronted with a quote, wants to blame the guns instead of the people who use them for horrible acts because of their beliefs, communities or influences, she is going to invest our country in more “green-energy” but as far as I can tell the oil companies are all-powerful and they have their own plans that aren’t going to change until they run out of oil or the public decides as-a-whole that we don’t want to use their product, she was part of an administration that has allowed our enemies to exponentially increase their strength while partly dismantling our own defenses, lying to the American public while in office seems to run in her family, she believes that it doesn’t matter what decisions you, your family or your community have made — it’s not our fault and we all deserve to be happy and have all the trimmings of success and she doesn’t mind or think it’s a problem that American business move their operations to other countries to avoid taxes and higher labor wages but still continue to sell to Americans.

My decision is pretty simple — I think I’ll go with the pig instead of the career politician.


Brandt G.