Introducing GrowthHackers Projects and the reason I joined the team.

I want to share with you the fruits of our labor that have been going on for the past year-and-a-half (very quietly) over at GrowthHackers.

But first, I‘ll share my thoughts on why I committed to joining GrowthHackers in the first place, and why I think the product we just built is a total game changer when it comes to building and growing a company.

When Founder and CEO Sean Ellis reached out to me to come join the small squad in Newport Beach, I’ll admit I was totally skeptical. GrowthHackers was a reddit-style community for growth marketers that scoured the web finding articles that helped each other find new ways of making growth happen. We all want hockey sticks in our decks so it made sense that there was a place on the web that showed me the top upvoted articles that I could use as inspiration for my own business.

What I didn’t see though was that behind-the-scenes, the GrowthHackers team was cooking up an idea for a new product. A product that would allow teams to create ideas together, test those ideas and track the results all within an interface that kept everything in one spot. It made total sense because before they shared this with me, whenever I had an idea I would open up Google docs or sheets. I’d then type it out there, with the intention that I would go back and enter the test results whenever I remembered to actually test it out.

After about 18 months of helping GrowthHackers to rebrand the company and design this product from ground-up, I’m happy to say that the day has come to reveal GrowthHackers Projects: Growth collaboration software for teams.

On top of that, we’re releasing this video today to help tell the story about what the product actually does and the problem it solves:

Let’s face it. There’s a new hot app dropping practically every single week. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with it, yet alone how to utilize these apps for the benefit of your business or whatever it is you’re trying to promote.

Now, between the GrowthHackers Network and GrowthHackers Projects, you can take utilize the ideas that are being created by the community, and test them out inside of your own project. Tracking everything in one spot and collaborating with your team while you’re at it.

Every single company can take advantage of this, and should. Emerging apps and services are not going away, but you can utilize GrowthHackers Projects to make sure you are using them the right way by tracking your experiments correctly. All inside of a UI that’s super easy to use and creates a collaborative environment for growth.

Try it out!