New York: Don’t Vote for Carpetbagger Clinton

The media continue to refer to New York as Hillary Clinton’s “home state” even though she’s a transplant, an outsider and a New York opportunist. She moved to New York specifically to run for the Senate seat vacated by retiring Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

The media are finally referring to New York as Senator Bernie Sanders’ home state. They must have been embarrassed when someone pointed out that he had a Brooklyn accent. “Ah, I thought I noticed an accent. Thought he was from Jersey. My bad.”

Aside from being the better candidate, you should support your native son rather than the candidate who used New York to burnish her qualifications for her eventual Presidential runs.

So, she got to be Senator. And you got a new historic site and re-named Post Office and highway. You deserved more, like a t-shirt or something. Then she abandoned you to run for President, not in 2004 when George W. Bush was in office and she might have made a positive difference for the country for just not being Bush (and I ain’t talkin’ Flatbush). Nope, she was moved to run when she thought she had no competition. Then, along came Obama. Well, hopefully Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is able to fill Hillary’s pantsuit and re-name things for you.

The Clinton Foundation was originally located in Harlem, some say to indulge Bill Clinton’s new found taste for black women (will Chinatown be next?, some speculated). That’s a joke, incidentally. But the move to Harlem did symbolically seal the relationship between the Clintons and African Americans. Sorry Harlem, you got used. And apparently you didn’t do a good enough job because the Clinton Foundation has since relocated to midtown Manhattan to be closer to the financial district that is so near and dear to the Clintons.

And let us not forget that the Clintons didn’t move to Harlem, they merely had an office located there. Nope. They moved to Chappaqua where the typical home sells for $1.2 million and only 1.95% of the population is black (that was up from 1.16% in 2000, so they must have done something good for black people).

Of course the Clintons moved the Clinton Foundation to midtown Manhattan. It isn’t enough to get a lot of money from rich bankers, you have to be able to smell that money before it gets into your foundation and Presidential campaign coffers. Now they’re closer to the U.N., the financial district and the mainstream media. Used, used, used and used again.

Don’t let the Clintons sucker you into supporting them again because New York is their so-called “home state.” You’ve got a real native son to be proud of and vote for: Senator Bernie Sanders.

Don’t vote for the carpetbaggers, vote for the real deal: Bernie Sanders.

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