Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

My Summer 2006 Visit

My best friend Meagan and I went on the hunt for Bachelor’s Grove. I found half ass directions online using some local landmarks and we set out on our journey. We got to the Forest Preserve Rubio Woods sign and we knew we had reached pay dirt. We pulled over and parked and got ready to take on Bachelor’s Grove.

We soon got to the entrance of the trail and I got so excited I almost ran to get to the entrance. We finally reached the entrance and we broke out our cameras. We had brought 3 cameras, a Cannon digital camera that I had just bought a month or so before, and my regular smaller Kodak digital camera, and Meagan had brought a smaller digital camera with her, as well. We worked our way around the cemetery taking pics of pretty much everything, and then going through an opening to get a look at the water where stones and people may have been dumped.

As we were walking around we came to a section on the fence that had been taken down by a fallen tree on the other side. Meagan decided to get on top of it and go look on the other side. I was going to get on the log and take pics of the cemetery from on top of it, as soon as I got up on the tree with Meagan still on the tree my camera turned off. Meagan’s camera had also turned off in the middle of taking a photo, I decided to grab my Cannon and use it thinking that my battery just went dead all of a sudden. I grabbed my camera and it wouldn’t turn on either.

It is said that it’s good luck if you leave the infant daughter a gift.

We got off the tree and went to the other side of the fence and as soon as we did the camera in my hand turned back on and I reached around for my smaller camera and it turned on just fine. Meagan’s camera also turned back on and we were able go back to the cemetery side and continue to taking pics as we walked around. Sadly, nothing else weird happened but I was able to get some cool photos and a weird story out of it.