Did you eat too much too??

I know I ate way too much holiday type foods when I had to pop some Zofran last night. I’m not sure why I did that to myself, except I just simply couldn’t resist the temptation! Because it only happens once a year, because it all looked so good, because I can’t stand wasting food…. whatever your reasons are too, I get it.

When you start eating better, it’s hard to digest all those dishes without feeling super yucky after.

So today I said, nope! I’m not eating any more crap! I cleaned everything up, drank a ton of water, a couple shakes, and I feel better already!

Tomorrow is another new day to clean it up further and feel like a new person! So don’t beat yourself up if you ate cake or pie today. Just make a pact with yourself to not eat it tomorrow. You’ll feel better too.

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