It’s not goodbye, it’s see you soon.

written 6/5/2017 ~ 6/20/2017

Dear friends,

This is likely the single most difficult thing for me to write. I hope to give you this opportunity to reflect on your time not just with me, but every (fellow) graduating senior you’ve spent time with over the course of our respective friendships. I realize that by the time you read this, you may have seen some of us for the last time for quite a while. I hope you ingrained all the moments, captured all the photos, and said all the words you wanted. There will never be times intimate enough like these again.

As the weeks wind down, the ability to count the time left with each and every one of you becomes more realistic. And with that in mind, I put forth the purpose of this post. Vocal promises really cannot hold anyone accountable, so this shall serve as a written promise from me to you that this day, week, month, year, is not a goodbye. I’ll see you again. Whether it be next week, this summer, EDC ’18, or a few years down the road when you and I are both successful, I’ll find my way back to you.

These years, especially my junior and senior years, have been densely packed with memories and moments I’d like to remember and cherish forever. I fear forgetting those who brought me so much joy in what has been the best years of my life. I fear forgetting the moments that brought me so much happiness. Nothing can possibly rival the connection I’ve built with you, and no matter how long we remain apart, we will always be able to come back and reminisce on all that we have done together. Remember when we…

Partied at Regents, Partied at TRAP CASA, LEDUSA, Countdown NYE, 12:02 @ Sweet Escape by Alesso, HARD Summer, Beyond Wonderland, Dash Berlin @ Omnia, Sun God & KBBQ, Slim Jim, Summerlands, All Cal, All Staff, CHF, ASBP, 40 pc McNuggets, Vallartas, Rigoberto’s, Green China Grill (Free China Girl), Noodle Hut, Grandma’s Tofu, SHARETEA, Spam Musubi, Curry Fishballs, Green Onion Pancakes, Ramen at Daniel’s, Dirty Girl Scouts, Irvine trips, LA trips, Culture Show, BIG 5 CCNs, Winter Retreat, Coronado Beach trips, Dilbert, Karaoke, CNY Dinners. The list honestly doesn’t end…

There is a short list of things I’ve grown to fear. Growing apart and drifting from each other is inevitable, but not the decisive end of what we have built together. Instead, I fear never being able to find friends like you again. I fear continuously comparing everyone I meet to the highest of bars that you have set for me. And I fear that no one or no group of friends will ever be able to meet that standard again. I’ve learned so much from you and grown so much through you, this time away from you will be difficult, and rival the challenges that college put me through. This has, like never before, brought me to expect only the best out of my friends; and not only have you delivered, you have outdone any expectations I have for anyone in my life. I can only hope that what I have given you is a fraction of what you’ve given me. I cannot possibly be more thankful for the gift that is our friendship.

I want to stay in touch. I want to see you succeed. I want to be in the loop for whatever you accomplish for the foreseeable future. I want to hear about the crazy activities you do for your 21st. I want to see pictures from your commencement. I want to hear you discuss your latest passion. I want to see the new apartment that you’re affording yourself. I want to hear about the promotion you finally received. I want to hear about that shitty coworker or boss that you need to complain about. I want to be invited to your wedding. I want to see you achieve and grow through all of these things, because there is no one else I’d rather stay connected to as we begin to go our separate ways and take on whatever life throws at us.

So go on, and live your life as you feel necessary. Get that job, switch into your desired major, finish your degree, or whatever may be the next step on your path to success. Build all the friendships and relationships that you can. Pursue new interests, new clubs and organizations. Just remember that I, along with all of the other graduating seniors, are just a click away. I would always love to catch up, meet up when we’re in the same area again, listen to you rant, or give you advice and feedback. What we have built together will always remain as it is, and I don’t expect to leave it in the past any time soon.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you. I hope you’re not sobbing like I am as I write this. I hope you’re enjoying time with your family this week. I hope you’re seeing all your friends back home soon. I hope you’re enjoying all the food you missed while you were in SD. It’s crazy to think that just two weeks ago, things felt so normal. Things were like they have been since September. And suddenly, everything began to change in a matter of days. Finals, commencement, moving out. Three simple steps and everything I once knew began to fade. I’ve never seen anything change so quickly, transitioning from comfort to the unknown.

Ultimately, I don’t know how to summarize how I feel briefly. I’m not sure how I’m going to cope when I leave SD in August. I’ve spent this entire spring quarter pondering this and am still left without an answer and empty handed. I’m not sure to what length I’d go to see some of you again right now. I’m definitely not sure when I’ll be able to see some of you again. But I can promise I will do my best. I will go far out of my way to see you before I leave. You all mean so much to me. Don’t forget the impact you’ve had on my life. You’re all something special, and I look forward to seeing what’s in store for you.

I wish you the best in your future endeavors. See you soon. :^)

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Brandyn. 2017.

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