Instead of a day of relaxation and self-indulgence at the spa, it’s a day of reflection and gratitude. Don’t get me wrong, the spa day will happen eventually…but natural disasters on one’s birthday elicit a different breed of mindfulness.

In my warm, dry house I am present in a moment of overwhelming gratitude. Feeling blessed in the most un-ironic way for all the connections in my life that I see or that I take for granted:

  • My interesting, kind, and gloriously complicated friends whom I don’t actively cultivate at the moment, but know will be there when I emerge from the early-childhood cave.
  • My diverse, extended family of (literally) hundreds of people across the country…so many cousins I don’t even remember all their names.
  • My generous immediate family, with bonus parents, bonus siblings, and three mighty nieces. From them I learned how to love unconditionally before I became a parent myself. We don’t always like each other, but heaven knows we’ll always support each other.
  • My two joyful, healthy children, whom I grew, pushed out into the world, and nurture in countless unseen ways. They are my greatest act of creativity.
  • My Man, my Partner, my Husband. His humor, sensuality, and hunger for life are aspirational. He is the home I return to each day.

We are all bound by time and memories, which doesn’t take the place of a comforting hug and meaningful conversation. But it does keep the embers glowing, to be coaxed into flame again one day.

I am blessed to know you…to whatever degree. Maybe one day we’ll orbit closer, or we’ll drift apart for awhile. But I’m grateful that we are connected.