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Many inventions during the Industrial Revolution impacted the growth of graphic design and typography.

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The Industrial Revolution, which took place between 1760 and 1840, had positive economic, social, and political effects that allowed us to get to where we are today, but it also had a negative impact on the physical and spiritual life of the average person.

There weren’t standardized work weeks or work-life balance for employees who were often working 13-hour days only to be making outrageously low wages. …


How the painting St. Sebastian Interceding for the Plague-Stricken illustrates the overall Christian mindset about the plague in Europe during the 14th century.

Josse Lieferinxe, St. Sebastian Interceding for the Plague-Stricken, 1497

Josse Lieferinxe’s painting, St. Sebastian Interceding for the Plague-Stricken, illustrates the overall Christian mindset about the plague in Europe during the 14th century. The artist painted this scene because the viewers would have known the terrors of the plague. God and the battle scene in the sky, as well as Saint Sebastian, the sick priest, the dying grave attendant, and the dead bodies for burial, are all important pieces of the painting because they illustrate this mindset…


The cynical viewing of Francisco Goya’s The Family of Charles IV.

Francisco Goya, The Family of Charles IV, 1800

Edward Olszewski’s article, “Exorcising Goya’s The Family of Charles IV”, is an attempt to trace the origin of the cynical viewing of Francisco Goya’s portrait of Charles IV’s family. Negative analysis’ and interpretations of the painting developed from critics in popular literature in the latter part of the nineteenth century.

These negative critiques were not directed at Goya because he was highly praised and the official First Painter of the Chamber (178). …


Jan van Eyck, The Arnolfini Portrait

Jan van Eyck, The Arnolfini Portrait, 1434

Linda Seidel’s article, “Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait”: Business as Usual?” challenges Erwin Panofsky’s assumptions of van Eyck’s painting, Arnolfini Portrait. While Panofsky gives a Christian iconographic analysis, Seidel argues that Jan van Eyck’s painting is not a Christian testament, but rather legal documentation. Seidel offers a sociocultural analysis and focuses on the relationship between art, power, and money and the legal aspects of this painting.

Panofsky believes that Arnolfini Portrait was meant to show a Christian marriage ceremony because of the iconography used in the painting. He believes that there are symbols of…


International Typographic Style

The International Typographic Style, also known as the Swiss Style, developed in the 1950s and remained a major movement for over two decades. “The post-World War II era the spirit of internationalism grew” (Meggs and Purvis). The speed and pace of communications had increased greatly because the increase of trade enabled multinational corporations to operate in more than 100 countries, which increased the need for communicative clarity.

Max Bill, Moderne Kunst, 1951

Characteristics of the International Typographic Style include flush left ragged right san serif type, asymmetrical elements on a grid, information expressed factually through object text and photography, and propaganda and…


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The first thing that the Bible reveals to us in Genesis is that God is creative. “In the beginning God created…” Genesis 1:1. Then, God created man and woman in His image and by doing so has made each of us creative. Practicing that creativity as an artist or designer is a form of worship. Being a Christian designer does not mean that we are resigned solely to designing and creating religious materials because the act of creating gives glory to God. We can glorify God by being who He made us to be.

Our faith should impact everything from…


A vehicle for new perspectives and faith to emerge.

As spirituality and religion become more present in contemporary art, it’s only natural that through the power of the art that the experience becomes a part of the installation environment. Siedell talks about how “the power of art relies on the belief that smelly oils, rough canvas, graphite marks, and other banal materials can provide a profound aesthetic experience” (Siedell 82). The banal materials are used to create the artwork provide an intensified experience for the viewer and the belief in art and the installation environment plays an important role in that.

While artists continue to push the boundaries of…

During the years of Hitler’s Third Reich there were many attempts to assassinate him, in fact, of the forty-two known attempts there were fifteen attempts by Hitler’s own military forces. The last of the fifteen attempts by Hitler’s military was led by Claus von Stauffenberg and was known as Operation Walküre or Operation Valkyrie.

Just like the other forty-one failed attempts to kill Hitler, Operation Valkyrie did not go according to plan. Operation Valkyrie failed because many obstacles, such as physical barriers, poor time management and planning, and lack of materials prevented the assassination attempt from succeeding.

Before he joined…

The Bauhaus and Modern American Design was an art school that unified the use of art, technology, and craft following World War I in 1919 but had to close in 1933 due to Nazi reprisals. It was a new way of thinking and represented both a classically modern and avant-garde style. Characteristics of the Bauhaus and Modern American Design are straightforward simplicity and streamlined aesthetics, they favored utility over show.

Douglas, Ava. “Isotype.” History of Graphic Design,

Isotype design, which was initially known as the Vienna Method of Pictorial Statistics, was a simplified way of communicating developed during the Bauhaus movement. Isotype design was an “important movement…

An Integrated Marking Communications Case Study of

Photo by Web Hosting on Unsplash

This case study, of, is to understand better how to build a profitable blog and online business through a successful Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program. Melyssa Griffin offers online courses for entrepreneurs and bloggers on social media and email list building topics.

Executive Summary

Melyssa Griffin is a blogger and entrepreneur who started her blog as a creative outlet, but she quickly turned her blog into a profitable business within one year., formerly known as The Nectar Collective, is a million-dollar online business and blog.

Her success as a blogger started when…

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