(photos) AZ — Grand Canyon and Tucson

After 28 years, I finally got to see the Grand Canyon. Here is a small sample of the 800+ photos I shot on the trip.

“western scrub” blue jay
kept posing for me
finally noticed me shooting him
he wasn’t having it (flew away just moments later)
some female elk out for a stroll
canyon squirrel
contemplative squirrel
the grand canyon is an amazing place and experience — you must visit if you haven’t already
tried to be artsy with the evergreen frame
no camera can capture it
if you want to use this as your computer’s wall paper, I will not charge you for it
rock face
hill of sonoran cactus (in the sonora desert)
#artsy #omg
this sonoran cactus had a face, arms, and the beginnings of some solid natty dreads
Tucson, from about 16 miles out. I am now writing an EP about the american southwest, called “Tucson of Bust” simply because this photo needs to be on an album cover..

My only regret was not bringing a tripod along so I could attempt to capture the sky at night near the Grand Canyon. It was truly amazing — seemingly millions of stars fill the night’s sky clear down to the horizon. Two “wonders” in one day in my book.