How to select cheap used tyres on the Gold Coast

Car drivers in Australia face growing pressure upon their wallets as they try to compromise between buying the parts that their vehicle needs and paying for other car costs. One of the biggest expenses when it comes to car parts is the tyres. These have to be well maintained, according to the law and in order to ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive, and so drivers often find that they have to regularly change the tyres. In order to make sure you get the most affordable tyres possible for the vehicle, many drivers are choosing to purchase used tyres from Gold Coast dealerships. These tyres are a cheap way of replacing parts, and can be the best solution to your needs.

What to look for in used tyres

When you come to purchase 2nd hand tyres on the Gold Coast it is important you know what you should be looking for, and how to make sure you get tyres which are in good condition. The first step is to inspect the overall health of the tyre. The majority of used car tyres sold on the Gold Coast dealerships come from overseas, and have been scrapped after only a limited amount of use, and this means that the tyres you are buying should be in perfect condition. Check the edge of the tyre, looking for signs of the rubber perishing or areas where the tyre has been damaged and then repaired. If the surface of the tyre seems to be in good condition, then you should start examining the tread depth. It is always a good idea to make sure you know the limits of tread depth, which in Australia is 1.5mm. You should be looking for tyres which have a much larger depth, in order to ensure that the car will be safe to drive with these tyres on.

Finding tyres to match your vehicle

If you have found tyres which are in good condition, then you need to make sure that they will match your cars requirements. The tyre placard on the inside of your vehicle will give you a series of numbers which tell you the size, width and wheel rim depth required by your car. Comparing these requirements to the specifications of the tyre will help you to find a used tyre match for your car.