So long, farewell, and amen


It has been over four months since I left Branscombe House and moved to Manhattan. Last weekend I returned however, for a final workshop and the unveiling of The Gathering community collaborative, bronze picnic basket project. Some of the participants began their contribution way back in November 2016, so it has been a long seven months of processes, from integrating all 65 contributions into a wicker basket, making a silicone mold of the piece, casting it in foundry wax, coating the wax in a ceramic shell mold, casting it in bronze, and finally finishing and putting a patina on the final piece.

Thanks so much to Glenys and François at InBronze in Langley, BC for the hours of work they did on the project!

That’s a lot of food

We were lucky, as the forecast predicted rain for the unveiling but instead we got some lovely Richmond sun. Mayor Brodie came out for the unveiling and I got to pose with him with the basket.

In case you attended, please accept my apologies for my unpracticed, noteless little speech. I forgot to thank my husband Richard for a year of patience while I lived far away from him, Liesl for her never-ending support, and Eric, Miriam, and Christine, all of City of Richmond Public Art, for their support of the project. I hope mentioning it here makes up for it a little for missing those important words of thanks!

I was so thrilled that so many participants showed up to see the piece. So good to reconnect with some old friends!

International Picnic cake

Oh and the cake! The surface had an image of the “international picnic” mural that was made during Doors Open Richmond last year. And yes, it was as tasty as it was beautiful!

And—of course—I had to run a workshop. This one was a quick and easy cookie version of the picnic basket. It seemed like old times for me at Branscombe House!

Cookie baskets by Richard (L) and Madeline (R)

One final note: I guess this is it! I hope I cross paths again with all of you that came to the many events I was a part of in Richmond. Coming back made me miss you all more. Until we meet again!

One final, final note: if you noticed that the basket has gone missing from the picnic table after the event, don’t worry! The concrete table wasn’t fully cured enough to have the basket inserted into it. It will be about 30 days of curing before they can drill into it. Keep an eye out for it in the next months or so!