The Sculpted Feast and International Picnic take one!

Yes, this is a marzipan salmon and octopus! Created by Joey Fok.

A glorious summer Saturday for the first day of Doors Open Richmond 2016 today, with the Sculpted Feast exhibition on display at Branscombe House, as well as the International Picnic interactive mural project.

I worked into the wee hours of the morning to set up the downstairs space to look like a gallery for the exhibition. Some plinths, some cake domes, and some art, and voila! Branscombe House becomes a gallery.

Not bad for a pop-up exhibition space!

I talked to many visitors today that said that they totally loved the marzipan and fondant art. I was super proud of my class and all the amazing things they made! I’ll post how to’s in the next blog entry so you can create your own sculpted feast.

Mini Richmond Night Market food, made of marzipan!

The International Picnic mural has a handsome bunch of contributions so far, and I can’t wait to see what people make tomorrow! Participants made small paintings, drawings, or collages of their favorite international food, in exchange for a candy version of my grandmother’s borscht (beet soup).

Sushi seemed to be big on the menu for both the Sculpted Feast and the International Picnic. No surprise! We live in sushi heaven here in Richmond. Here is a sneak peak of a mural contribution.

For my next entry I will show the finished mural, along with some action shots of the event.