3 O’Clock

The sun is about to crest the sky, but this is not the only thing about to peak. Out the window of Reinert Room 615, I notice an interesting car pulling to the south side of the Shell gas station. I quickly make a noise to indicate to my roommate, David, that I need help identifying the perplexing vehicle. David is a car aficionado and proclaimed “expert-in-cars,” by his peers, myself included. David is quick to identify the car as a 1960’s Chevrolet El Camino. His next comment is that the El Camino was a very popular car on older television and Hollywood sets.

As if on que to David’s statement, a short, skinny, dark-skinned woman in a sleeveless top and tight bottoms exits the coupe that is parked fifty feet in front of the El Camino. She enters the passenger side of the dark-gray El Camino, only to emerge moments later with a small brown bag. She hastily trots back to the coupe she emerged from, looking uncomfortable in the high heels she is wearing.

David takes a pause, then a breath, and explains, “I was about to mention…It was the car of choice for drug dealers in several of the shows I was talking about.”

Either I just witnessed a drug deal take place on Forest Park Parkway, hundreds of feet from my bed, or I just witnessed one of the strangest three-o’clock exchanges in Saint Louis.

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