Important Factors to Consider When Building Hardwood Timber Decking

An outdoor living area is a perfect addition to any home as long as there is enough outdoor space to support the home improvement. Hardwood timber decking is a great option for an outdoor space because it is aesthetically pleasing. Hardwood construction in an outdoor space provides a natural look and feel. In addition to this, such an addition can add to the home’s resale value.

What to Factor in When Building a Deck

The first consideration when building an outdoor deck is to think about who the space will serve. Consider whether the space will be for social or private use. The expertise, cost and materials needed for a deck to be used by a small family are completely different from those needed to entertain large social gatherings on a regular basis. Determining who the deck is for also helps to choose a contractor. An ideal contractor should have experience building decks for your intended use.

Another important factor to consider in decking construction is whether the deck is used annually or seasonal. The use of the out door space is directly affected by the changing climate in your area. The specific kind of deck to construct depends on whether you want to use your outdoor space all year round or for a specific season that you enjoy. The amount of rainfall and temperatures in your area also affect the kind of materials to be used. The wrong kind of wood or concrete for example can be a slipping hazard or may affect the integrity of the construction.

It is also important to think about maintenance when building a deck. This is a very personalized factor because each home owner has his own unique preference or procedures when it comes to maintaining outdoor spaces. Whether it is choosing a gas or wood burning fire place, natural wood or composite decking or glass or cable railing, all these decisions will affect the maintenance required to keep the space in the best possible condition.

Treated pine Sydney is widely used for deck construction and is a good option for homeowners looking for a natural look and feel. The treated wood lasts longer, is immune to termites and other hazards and is more versatile than natural wood. It is a good idea to talk to a qualified contractor with your plans to ensure that you get exactly the kind of result that you envision.