Industry 4.0 in Fleet Management Technologies

Never before has the operation technology been so connected with the information technology. So, it brought a whole new industrial revolution, based on fascinating innovations.

Industry 4.0 is upon us — a vision for how smart manufacturing is transforming how we create and service machines. These could be parts of planes, containers, vehicles or even wind turbines. And through smart management and innovative use of data, fleet managers and field service workers are able to uncover new insights into the performance of these powerful machines.

The rising relevance of Industry 4.0 is creating a fertile market for advanced asset tracking and production technologies. Manufacturers are increasingly employing sophisticated asset monitoring technologies to prevent asset failure, improve asset performance, and lower machinery downtime in a variety of industries. By 2021, sectors such as automotive, fleet management, healthcare, warehouse, logistics, aerospace, industrial automation and electronics would have adopted asset tracking technologies to achieve Industry 4.0, optimized workflow, and smart manufacturing.

EZtoTrack system adapts the Industry 4.0 trends

With a list of features more comprehensive than anything Bransys has ever produced, EZtoTrack delivers a complete fleet management experience. The future of Asset Tracking is part of EZtoTrack growth plan. The system continuously is upgraded by latest IT innovations to adapt the Industry 4.0 trends and support markets requirements.

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Originally published at on June 20, 2017.