Road To Professionalism — Episode 1

I’ve been wanting to do this video blog for a while now about my journey to professionalism.

It’s crazy to think that only 2 years ago I started this journey in Para-triathlon with the hopes that one day I would represent my country in the Rio 2016 Paralympics.

On today’s episode, I’m going to discuss the three key factors that I reckon helped fast-forward my progression in my sport and my professional life. Those three qualities are:

  • Consistency
  • Mentors
  • Comfort Zones


Consistency was one of the main factors that I was able to beat over 700 able-bodied athletes in the 2013 Bussleton Ironman. Me and my coach put a plan together and I made sure that to I stuck with that plan to a T leading up to the event. Being consistent every week, in and out, making sure nutrition, training, and rest were all taken cared of.


Mentors are the best shortcut. I found through this process, anytime I was looking to learn something new or improve in a particular area, I would find the best person for that particular task who I can connect with, and then I would organise a catch-up with them. Basically I would discuss what my vision or goals were and talk to them on how I can do it more effectively.

Now with social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, it is really quite easy these days to connect with incredibly powerful and successful people, and that is what I use along the way. Anyone that I saw doing extremely well what I wanted to do I would contact or reach out through social media and quite simply just ask for a catch-up or coffee. Not once during this process was I ever knocked-back, and the same goes for me, if someone reached out to me and wanted to ask some information on what I do for training or my professional speaking, I wouldn’t hesitate to help out. I love being able to share knowledge that I’ve learned through this journey; to be able to help people miss or skip a few of the mistakes that I have made along the way.

Comfort Zones

We all have them and sometime we don’t know we are stuck in one. The trouble with comfort zones, if we don’t push the boundaries it actually shrink in size, that’s why once a week I push myself at training to the absolute point of failure so that I know what my limit is. Then, for the greatest growth in the shortest amount of time, I hover just under that limit, therefore I’m able to grow my comfort zone.

Now the main purpose of these video series, was to try and give back. Show you guys some value and answer these questions everybody has and looking for a solution to — whether it be a professional speaking career, or your career and how to be more professional in that industry, or as a triathlete, if you are looking for some professional advice there in what is it that you wanted to do, I can give any advice on how to make that happen.

Thank you so much for watching the first episode of my video blog. Please feel free to send me any questions you may have and I will try to answer those in the next episode.

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