The Death Industry’s failure to learn from the Music Industry’s crash.
Dave Balter

Once the dust of transformation settles (which it has not yet with the music industry, and is just getting stirred up in the funeral industry), we will look back and see these changes as the best thing that ever happened for people. Change in the funeral industry will take longer, as it is rife with traditions and irrational fears uncommon to other industries, but the result will be more choice with higher quality at lower cost. Joe Sehee, founder of the Green Burial Council and an advocate of natural burial (vs. cremation) as the greenest way to go, aptly refers to the industry’s transformation as a “death revolution.”

Women are by far leading this revolution, to the point that I am concerned men are presently unable to find a place of comfort in the new world order. This too will balance out, but only if we men speak up, as I have done (with music references aplenty) in “Mother and the Mosh Pit.”

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