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Dude, they’re not asking you because they think it’s funny. They’re asking you because they can’t comprehend what sort of atrocities would have to be actively happening in a person’s head to make them sound like you. This is, of course, assuming you are in fact an evil goblin and not a parody account.

Then again, a lot of people thought the cheeto-in-chief was a parody president (he is) but he actually gets political power. Kinda same here, I guess? Incompetent troll accidentally finds himself in front of rapt, braindead audience.

Hey, look at that, Darren! You’re the Tronald Dump of Medium articles. You even think that being shut down for being a bigot is the same as actually being discriminated against! Aaaahaha. Wow, this is the best parody account I’ve seen yet.

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