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5 min readApr 16, 2023

Introducing a Ranking for Stables NFTs

We are whale racers. We play for the thrills.

Discover our tools and how we analyze the game. We have developed our own scoring tool to rank horses and better analyze prices on Stables NFTs.

We’ll introduce our methodology and define our scores and rank in this article.

Take informed decisions to get better gains.

Note: All of the methodology, scores and rankings are not official. The Stables team is not related to this.

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Ranking scope and data

Stables NFTs are associated to the following data:

  1. A real horse that has raced in an official competition registered by PMU operator. Performances from this horse in real life races will generate in-game points. We do not track IRL performance at the moment.
  2. NFT attributes (metadata) : up to 14 attributes for each NFT. Data from these attributes have been generated by Stables team on a random basis. Each attribute is randomly set by picking a value in a range of possibilities, associated to different probabilities. Theses attributes, their values and the probability of the process have been set up by Stables team. We’ve analyzed the rarety of these values.

Our Brass Rankings are exclusively based on NFT attributes for the moment. These NFT attributes are directly sourced from the metadata of each NFT.

🏇Attributes: Gear & Look

Out of the attributes associated to the NFTs, some will be directly linked to in-game performance generation, based on Stables litepaper. These are the “3 Elaborate” gear attributes :

  • Horse Gaiters Type
  • Saddle_Type
  • Harness Type

There are two values in the range of these attributes : Simple or Elaborate. Elaborate NFT will be advantaged within the game by improving the Horse Score (source litepaper).

NFT with more “Elaborate” gear attributes will be more sought.

As of today, the other attributes are only aesthetic: they affect the design of a horse. Rumors from the team mention that some “look attributes” will give some perks.
Some attributes are of a great rarity: 1% of the NFTs have a Iridescent Triangle body, while others are more common: 30% of the NFTs have a Grey gear color.

👩‍🔬Scores: Performance, Look and Global

Two views coexist in the valuation of a Stables NFT:
NFT of a greater rarity have greater value
(2) NFT generating more Score or points have greater value

We’re agnostic to these views and want to capture the way NFT are exchanged on secondary markets.
This is why we’ve developed two scores to reflect these two views:

  • Performance Score (“3 Elaborate Score”) : we call it “Performance” because these attributes “have direct effects in the game (on the Horse Score).” (from the litepaper)
  • Look Score: rarity-based on the other attributes. This score is based on the frequency of occurences of the different values of an attribute.

We then combine the two scores in a Global Score.

We provide below a few details of the way we calculate these scores.

Performance Score = number of Elaborate

Elaborate values generate a higher score than Simple attribute.
A larger number of elaborate will generate a higher score, and not in a linear way.

Look Score

We’ve analyzed the frequency of occurences of all the values for each attribute. Some probabilities were given by Stables team in their litepaper.

=> Lower the probability of an attribute element => higher the Score.

We’ve calculated a score for each attribute based on their values distribution. This score applies some mathematics formula to the frequency in order to avoid having large score generated by not so relevant frequency distribution.
(Imagine a distribution of 21 elements : one at a 80% probability and the 20 last ones at a 1% probability. Because the frequency of the rare one is only 1% doesn’t mean they are extremely rare: there are 19 other outcomes generating the same “rarity”. You have 20% of chances to have a “rare” one, not only 1%. It will be a rare one, but not the rarest of the collection.)
Our adjustments are a mix of this kind of thoughts applied with formulas.

The score of each attribute is summed up, resulting in the Look Score.

Would you like to discover the distribution of our Look Score?

Global score

Higher Performance Score and higher Look Score should result in a better rank. We’ve tested many different combination and mathematical formulas to respect this statement. We’ve finally adopted one that doesn’t overstate one attribute over the others.

Global Score = Combination of Performance Score & Look Score

🏆 Ranks: Global Rank, Look Rank and Weighted Rank

Because they are many angle to perceive thevalue of an NFT: we give you more information so you decide which one you prefer.

We’ve developed three rankings: Global, Look and Weighted.

Look Rank

The Look Rank simply ranks each NFT based on their Look Score (see above). The NFT ranked first has the highest Look Score. This represents the pure design / look rarity of a horse.

Global Rank

The global rank is our preferred one as this is the summary of the rarity and the performance generation of each NFT by combining the Performance Score and the Look Score.

The NFT ranked first has the highest Global Score.

Weighted Rank

How does an NFT ranking #10 in the Global Rank and #840 in the Look Rank is compared with others ? We’ve simply created an averaging score purely based on the # rank number in the Global Score and the Look score. Then we’ve ranked again each NFT based on this score.

The NFT ranked first has the lower combination of the Look Rank and the Global Rank.

📈 How is the ranking performing ?

We’ve grouped each NFT into Tiers based on their ranking. Tier 1 represents the horses ranking the highest (up to ~2,000 rank).

When analyzing the listings as of April 16th, we find the following price distribution within each Tier:

👏 Tier 1 horses (based on our ranking) are highly valued by the sellers on secondary market.

Final words 🤝

Discover the ranking on our website

Thank you for reading this! We’ll keep it simple for the conclusion:

  • These rankings will evolve:
    (1) mathematically with the reveal of the currently unrevealed horse (<10%)
    (2) by adjustment we might implement thanks to your feedback or the interest we perceived for attributes on the market volume
  • Feel free to give us your feedbacks on Twitter. DM are open.
  • We have built this ranking and we will develop tools to be used daily in stable management, we are deeply convinced about its utility and relevance.
  • As the focus is only on NFT attributes for the moment, we will develop an IRL Performance score based on the real life horse when we finish gathering data. A broader “Global Global Score” will integrate this IRL Score and might become a new totally different reference score.

Let’s go racers! 🏇




🏇🏻 Stats optimizer - We propose a horse ranking system for Stables horses NFT (#PlayStables). Not official scores and rankings.