Choose to be brave.

Everyone wants to be brave, but if you think about the times when you were truly, actually brave, how often was it a conscious decision versus just a reaction to something unjust, dangerous or a slight?

I’m referring to the idea of emotion versus logic. Unless you were simply born assertive, we often have to put effort into speaking our minds or acting with courage. Even more, when we often start thinking about a courageous act, we get nervous, we second guess ourselves and our confidence is often wavered.

Most times, the secret to being brāv is practice, like anything else. In fact, esteemed author, Mark Twain once noted that, “courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.”

How does this apply to Brāv? Well, becoming a Brāv One is a conscious choice of mastering skills that will help you throughout life – particularly skills to better interact with others and help manage issues. Also, signing up to deal with conflicts you might have on face to face platforms allow you to bravely communicate with those who you would likely have just simmered in feelings of fear, anger or resentment.

What more, being brāv also includes sharing your thoughts with the world. You can do that by writing articles at or submitting personal stories in which you wish the brāv public to help you solve.

Choose to be brāv.

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