As we grow in our relationship with Jesus we all, at one point or another, must wrestle with the call of the Great Commission. This is the call that Jesus lays out for us to go into all the world, baptizing and making disciples of all nations. Jesus called us to a life of surrender and multiplication. As believers part of our responsibility in following Christ is for us to help others grow and follow Him as well.

This task of introducing others to Jesus is become an all too difficult task in our modern culture. What it means to be a Christ follower might be perceived to need a change. I would push that it does not. Christians need simply to be reminded of the basics of our faith and live those out completely. Jesus commands us to go into the world. He also commands us to love above all else. Truth must be spoken but in love and that kind of love takes a bridge of relationship and trust to hold it’s weight.

Great Commission Great Compasion by Paul Northwick examines what it means to live out the great commission by first beginning with the love and message of Jesus. He brings us back to the basics and applies the truths of scripture to our daily lives. This is a much needed and essential read for a Christ follower in our modern world.

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