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BFH dev
BFH dev
Nov 29, 2019 · 2 min read

We will open “Battle Test”. This article is about it.

30th November 2019 ~ 24th December 2019
*It is subject to change without notice.

◆Purpose of Battle Test
Battle Balancing, and server test.
We will confirm your feedback and make best effort to official release.
Please give us your honest feedback to us in discord and questionnaire.

You can use some units(characters) and spheres(items), and battle with other players for free.
However all of data including battle result will not be saved and reflected to the official release.
Please note that contents such as battle logic, data of units and spheres and so on is subject to chance without notice.

We plan to giveaway titles to users who joined Battle Test.
Also, we plan to give rewards in the special title match held in the end of Battle Test period.

◆Requirement to join
Everyone can join Battle Test.
You need browser app with web3 wallet function or crypto wallet extension(like metamask or Opera)

◆What you can enjoy
You can enjoy following functions
・Arena(PvP) -Title Match
You can select opponent and battle!!

・Pary Edit
You can set and edit your party. We are planning to add more units and spheres during this battle test.

※Skills and status is under developing, they are subject to chance anytime without notice.

We are considering to add more features as of finishing development.

Web : https://bravefrontierheroes.com
Twitter : https://twitter.com/bfh_global

BFH dev

BFH dev


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