7 daily affirmations to become the woman you have always wanted to be

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I first came across the ‘goddess’ concept a year ago. I hadn’t thought about this term before or what it meant but I had heard that some women address and think about themselves as being goddesses or queens, though I thought they were just pretentious.

Then I met a very special woman in a self-development camp last spring. She was a real warrior goddess — powerful, charismatic, confident, and fearless. She walked, talked, and looked like a real goddess. She was in her mid-50s and she was the most beautiful and charismatic woman I’ve ever met. She helped me claim…

She ran away from everybody, just wanted to be alone for a few hours to clear her mind. The sun was still high in the sky. It must have been around 4 o’clock. Her head was full of worries, full of problems that were burdening her shoulders. There were so many questions without answers in her head. Her eyes were red from all the tears she cried out during the past years. She was at the crossroad of her life.

She sat on the cliff above the sea and was listening to the most beautiful song for hours. The wave…

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I first come across affirmations and declarations when I was 40 years old and I finally realized that I’m living my life on autopilot and I needed to change my life to start living again.

For a long time, I hadn’t even seen the difference between affirmations and declarations. I thought it’s pretty much the same. But it’s not. For me, declarations are much more powerful and stronger than affirmation.

How I see the difference between affirmations and declarations

Affirmation is when you are affirming something in your life by saying it.

I am loved, I am happy, I am enough, I love myself.

But you need to feel…

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Coronavirus has attacked the world. I don’t remember crises like this, severe measures, social distancing, companies closed and panicking over toilette paper ever before in my life.

Coronavirus is a word that had not existed a couple of months ago and now this is the most used word all over the world. We are using it in almost every sentence and thought we have. This word has seeded the fear into our minds and panic into our bodies.

This is not the time to be a hero, to show to the world that you can do whatever you want. This…

What will you do if destiny knocks on your door one day and ask…

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When you are not completely satisfied with your current life, when you know it could be so much better and the years are running by so quickly…you start questioning your life decisions. Is this it? Is this all that I will get from life? Is there still time to make some changes? To become a person I have always wanted to be?

Sometimes I felt like I was giving up my life for my family, for my husband, for my job. I gave up my dreams…

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Looking back

When I was reaching a certain age (40 actually), I started slowly, very slowly realizing that I’m living my life on autopilot. Setting the direction years ago, I was living my life quietly, stress less, no ups, no downs, no sideways. Just a flat line. Looking back, I feel like I was living one year over and over again.

Nothing has changed through those years…or at least nothing dramatically. Same friends, same job, same vacations, same weekends, same road to my job, same grocery shop, same walk on the weekend, same salary, same financial problems, same thoughts, same…

Day 4

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Why have I actually started to write this blog…even though I know that nobody is reading it? Maybe this is the main reason…being unknown, invisible, anonymous makes me do and write whatever I want and whatever lies on my shoulders and in my heart.

I need to share my thoughts, share my fears and share my passion to someone out there and don’t care what they think about me. I judge myself enough. My little voice is very loud sometimes and I can’t always shush it down.

But the main reason why I started writing is to find…

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For so long I haven’t even noticed I was not the main actress in my own life. I was sometimes loud and funny, but most of the time I was just shy, unconfident introvert with low self-esteem.

I was the one hiding behind…never wanted to be exposed, to be in the center of attention, to be in the spotlight. Feeling safe just in my friendship circle, where I was able to be me. In front of others, I have always tried to be presented as the best version of myself - positive, optimistic, confident, and outgoing. …

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I wanted to start living. Again. But how? When? I didn’t actually know where to start and how to find my new life and new me. It’s not like you wake up one morning, looking into the mirror and say “Hello new me”. And everything is different and better.

First I needed to ask myself what I actually wanted. It’s such a simple question, but at that time I realized, that I have no idea what I want and it gets me very frustrated.

I’ve lost myself years ago…living for others and putting myself on the last place…like I didn’t…

How did it all begin?

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I will never publish. I will never record a video, podcast, TV show, write a blog or something else which will put me out there with my face, voice, mind or heart. Being exposed, under flashlights, is not something I do, enjoy or even want.

But you know what I love? I love challenges. And this one will definitely kick me out of my comfort zone again. Kick me as far as possible from my comfort zone, so I won’t be even able to see it anymore.

Am I able to do it? Do I dare? Have I grown to…

Brave Heart

Woman, mother, wife, friend, perfectionist and a dreamer who is trying to become the best version of herself.

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