by Rob Braxman — March 10, 2020

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He tips a glass of yellowish liquor to his lips and says “Do you mind if I drink this?” I said “sure. No problem.” Then he refills it with a square bottle of premium Tequila which I guessed to be Patron.

Good image, I laughed to myself. Not quite the English James Bond. Maybe with a Latino edge.

John McAfee. Libertarian candidate for President of the United States. and candidate for Vice President as well, creator of McAfee Antivirus, hacker, cybersecurity guy, entrepreneur, architect, pilot, pianist, magician, yachtsman, gun advocate, cryptocurrency evangelist, and…

Consequences of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica Debacle

by Rob Braxman

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Corporate marketers need to seriously rethink their social media strategies in light of #FacebookGate and the Cambridge Analytica debacle. In a belated attempt to follow customer migration to the social media giant Facebook, are corporate marketing departments subjecting their followers to unwanted and dangerous profiling? Can this inadvertent profiling then be turned against the corporate brand in the future?

Big corporate behemoths tend to be late adopters in innovative technology. For decades, the website became the main Internet presence for any conservative large corporation interested in reaching customers. In the last…

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Third party surveillance on the public is a topic that has been hotly discussed in recent years, particularly after the Edward Snowden incident. The NSA states that they ONLY monitor the portion of your information called metadata. Thus, they imply that metadata is only a small chunk of your information. Let’s study this play on words when the POTUS says “we don’t listen to your phone conversations”.

Data comes from phone calls, texts, pictures, posts, messages, emails, videos, and any other electronic data online. …

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Brax.Me is a messaging solution designed to handle the
requirements of healthcare providers for provider to
provider, provider to staff, and provider to patient
communications. With its advanced encryption
capabilities, including end-to-end encryption (E2E), your
messages will exceed the compliance requirements of

Brax.Me is designed for use on any device
(browsers on PC’s and Mac, iOS mobile devices and
Android mobile devices).

Sending regular e-mails and texts to patients is
not HIPAA compliant. Brax.Me offers an encrypted
communications alternative. Providers and patients can
send each other texts, photos, videos, files, and links without problems with compliance.

In addition to…

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Los Angeles, CA, (5 June 2017): Brax.Me, a privacy app startup from Los Angeles, CA, recently unveiled their brand-new audio/video live-streaming feature. This isn’t your average live streaming service. Built over an encrypted platform and managed communities, content creators can make private broadcasts to managed audiences. The app has everything one needs to create and watch quality streams, communicate with audiences, and enable monetization.

With Brax.Me, broadcasters can host exclusive seminars, meetings, church services, musical events and much more with private streaming. Keep up the lively conversations and create more dialogue with fans through its encrypted text chat.

Aside from…

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What exactly does it mean to get Zucked? It’s what happens when organizations like Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook reduce your privacy little by little each day. Facebook, Google, 3-Letter government agencies, and other tech businesses actively harvest every shred of information about you from the Internet. These groups are arguably the worst privacy offenders in history. This form of surveillance exceeds that of Big Brother in George Orwell’s infamous novel 1984.

Zuck and friends know everything about you such as: your real name, family members, facial recognition, everywhere you’ve been, “likes”, political ideas, web searches, and even private messages.

When a…


Brax.Me - App Building Private Communities. Privacy, Anonymity, Liberty. No profiling, tracking, surveillance. E2E Encrypted. iOS/Android/Web

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