Nice article…I am seriously considering leaving also just out of pure frustration…and find myself…
Disco Vega

What you describe is inexcusable, and I beleive every word of it. Remember that verse about it being the nature and disposition of almost all men to exercise unrightous dominion? And the one about wickedness in the church becoming a stumbling block to its growth? Your experience proves the scriptures! (Sadly.) I have been fortunate to not have experiences like this with my priesthood leaders. But I have been the victim of hazing as a youth. It would have been easy quit and never come back. What kept me was my testimony of the Book of Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith. I personally refuse to let the hyprocracy I have experienced in the church from some members and even some leaders get between me and the covenants I have made with him. I hope and pray you can get through this trial of your faith. It is sad that the biggest trial of faith for some is the other members and leaders of the church itself.

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