What’s your dog really eating?
Michael Waxman

Thank you for this article and doing all that research, I used the “Healthy” puppy food at the start with my own dog but then went through a few phases where we mostly ate the same things. I’ll admit even green curry from Chinatown, but after lots of trial and error and 13 years, my dog now eats raw meat and bones with cooked potatoes, pasta or rice with a little coconut oil and veg, outside on the grass.

I decided to try the raw food diet around the same time as my dog began to suffer with arthritis, which she was medicated for, but the need for that lessened as we continued with the raw food, she rarely shows any signs of discomfort now.

Additionally, at this time I changed over another dog’s diet to the raw version. She had always been given left overs with kibble and was obese and in a very poor condition at 14 years old, but this changed quickly and she is now a healthy weight with energy and bursts of enthusiasm that are still surprising to see…

I hope all goes well with new-food-for-dogs and that Stevie finds her groove

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