Who are you?

Before you starting reading this I need to inform you that I am not giving an answer to this question. Why? Because this is a job of one single person: you.

So, I need to say that recently I have been thinking a lot about leadership and the role that this have in our daily lives.

I do not know exactly why the word “leader” gets coming by to my mind in the last two months.

Maybe it is because of the messy political scenario at Brazil and our lack of true representative leaders at the government.

Maybe it is because of the eccentric (to not use another word) of the current leader of the United States, Donal Trump.

Or even might be because of the recent French elections that almost resulted in another populist, intolerant, and ultra-nationalist leader raised to power. Fortunately, Macron has won. Nevertheless, do not think everything it is OK with France now. It is better to Macron play right and fast. Europe certainly is not running with perfect legs.

As I was saying, thinking about leadership has made me think a lot about my life story since I firmly believe that to develop your leadership abilities you must first develop your self-knowledge.

The road to the leadership starts with the understanding of our own lives. We must use our stories of overcoming challenges if we wish to be greater leaders. The leadership spirit emerges, before all, of our journey through life.

Do you know who you truly are?

When I ask this question I am not talking about job, or college degree, or even your family.

I mean only you and your weaknesses.

As I said at the beginning of this text, I am not able to give you the answer to this hard question. However, I can give you and advice: start thinking about who you are.

This will hurt at the beginning.

In fact, its will never stop hurting.

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher of Ephesus, said that all things pass and nothing stays.

Because we never completely knew ourselves since we are in constantly changing. The person you are today is not the same as yesterday. In the equal mode, tomorrow you will be different from who you are now.

(Here I want to open up a parenthesis to recommend you to read the philosophical thoughts of Heraclitus by clicking here).

At the moments you will be thinking about what you think you are, try to say the true to yourself. You will be tempted to lie to yourself, but do not let this happen. Say the truth to the inner you.

While this mental work is done, I strongly recommend you to write everything. Put it down in papers.

Do not be afraid: no one needs to read.

But why all this work?

To end the passive-look we tend to give at the past events and start to build a consciousness about our abilities and aspiration in life.

This all will help you to know better (but never completely) who you are and what are the leadership roles you should assume in your life.

Want to share your journey of finding who you truly are? Comment below!