The Importance of Content in Fintech and the Way to Do it Right

Barbara McKinney
May 7, 2018 · 3 min read

The financial sector is in luck. New technology has introduced it to newer tools in the form of software provided by Fintech companies. At the rate the Fintech industry is growing right now, financial institutions such as banks and accounting firms will have a lot of products and services to choose from.

For FinTech companies, on the other hand, the growth of the industry also means updating their current marketing arsenal. Success is measured by the number of leads a company generates periodically, and it makes perfect sense to up the ante in terms of lead generation and appointment setting.

This remains to be a challenge for a lot of service providers as financial software and hardware can be a hard sell if the right strategies are not applied. For sure, content marketing is the right way to go since most of these companies want to secure better relations with their audience on top of improving their lead generation game. What’s more, for an industry that is all about communicating the technical side of things, Fintech can greatly benefit from pushing content across multiple digital channels.

Still, the use of content for Fintech has yet to enter the mainstream as companies prefer to make use of the usual stuff (i.e. white papers). Of course, technical papers and blog articles are effective in their own right, but the thing is, it’s hardly content marketing.

A limited understanding of content can actually spell trouble for Fintech companies, if not muddle up what they have set out to do in the first place. In fact, the 2016 B2B Benchmarks Report by the William Mills Agency has pointed to at least three challenges that are hounding B2B companies, Fintech included:

  • Producing engaging, informative and effective content (60%)
  • Measuring the effectiveness of content (57%)
  • Creating content consistently (57%)

Added to that, most Fintech companies struggle with the limited resources they have and the minimal expertise they have to make do. But mostly, it is more an issue of whether or not a Fintech company is comfortable with so and so marketing strategy. There is a perceived unwillingness to use a diversified content mix owing to the idea that Fintech touches on the most serious sentiments of the businesses to which it is catered.

What most Fintech companies don’t get is that newer marketing trends are available and it is important to pay attention to these trends. For Jerry Goldstein of the William Mills Agency, being able to take heed of current content practices can also improve a marketing team’s capabilities in handling leads. He then cites how content effectively led to greater marketing and sales alignment, which we all know can spell success for a Fintech company.

Again, it is just a matter of applying the right strategies. Luckily, we are able to provide the most important of these in the form of the following:

Know more about the importance of content and the way to do it right here at the ITSalesLeads.

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