By Sreshtha Anupam

I am still standing here waiting for you
The calm, moonless night stares at me,
Hoping to extract some words of desire to fill its vaccum of silence,
But all it gets from me is a constant gaze…
The day’s exhaustion wears off ,
The sleepless nights no longer tire me,
As I stand, wrapped and covered in the shroud of darkness
Waiting for you to return.
Memories of the moments spent with you come cascading down my mind,
But before they can cause the familiar ripples of pain and longing,
They are absorbed in the tranquility of the night
While I keep standing there, waiting for you to return.
This night too will pass like the rest of them, 
Before the sleepless eyes wander away in slumber land.
The shadows of oblivion may wither away its solace,
But I will still keep standing here, every night, awaiting your return….