Brc-20 DAO

1 min readMay 8


Introducing BRC-20 DAO

As a part of Opendao, we want to expand our territory in this new land.

The BRC-20 ecosystem, built on the blockchain, is still in its early stages and possesses a fair system.

We will also launch our first brc-20 token soon.We developed the “Brc-20 Open Mint” approach. This system allows users to mint tokens without disclosing the ticker. Once the open mint is closed, tokens are automatically distributed to the users.

After that, we will launch our DAO pass which will be related to our token issuance.For pass holders, you can participate in our swap and launchpad product testing which integrates the tools we developed based on the Ordinal protocol.

The swap we are building can bridge any brc-20 to trade on the DEX, which also includes an AMM if any whales or founders want to LP.

More and more new things appear on BTC blockchain,causing network congestion on the Bitcoin blockchain.We are also making technical reserves for the development of L2.

Our BTC L2 enables smart contracts and decentralized applications to trustlessly use Bitcoin as an asset and settle transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Your attention and support are greatly appreciated. We would like to extend our gratitude to domo and our community members for making all of this possible.




As a part of Opendao🆘,we want to expand our territory in this new land #Bitcoin #Ordinals.