Stop the Obstruction and Do Your Job
U.S. Senator Bob Casey

The court has been a political tool for years, even decades now. Over the past several years, Scalia and co. always ruled, and those still there do, in ways that twisted the Constitution in so many different ways in order to push through their beliefs. And the worst was unarguably (by anyone with reason) Bush v. Gore… they ruled on a political question, a usually big no no, and took the determination of how to choose electors away from the state legislature (that had already begun a special session and was ready to resolve the issue). All to ensure Bush won. And the liberal wing, all 4 of them have voted the same on nearly every single major case they ever have. Some good rulings (usually those that Kennedy joins in on), but many only meant to push through liberal ideals, regardless of Constitutional or other rights of everyone.

Although the SCOTUS was meant to be neutral in their rulings, the way they’re chosen has not led to that outcome. It’s to the point we need to remove at least their appointment away from the other branches, and change the Constitution to allow the system to choose themselves. Have the lower court judges elect Supreme justices. Have appeals judges elected by the judges below them. And either have new judges chosen solely by the courts, or enable some method at that lowest level/s where the other branches get input or have to approve the appointments.

The only way the court might ever start being seen as apolitical and neutral arbiters again is if they are change to make them more separate from the other branches, while still allowing Congress to impeach them and the President (either keep or start) to recommend impeachment of them when necessary. Until politicians quit picking judges, the court will never be, much less be seen as non political again.

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