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The Obama questions are not all based on hate or bigotry, but actually began with Kenyan media and other sources listing him as having been born there. Then, it was HILLARY’S SUPPORTERS (very almost certain either from or started by her and/or her campaign knowing how far they’re willing to go to discredit Democrat opponents) that began the claims during the primaries. Which then spread and became so full of added conspiracy theories and lies, it was hard to know what was what. But again… Hillary’s people started it. And did so at a time when Trump was still praising her, meaning if he sided with her then, it’s on her if he honestly still believes it, or that he ever did.

And Obama’s father and father’s side of the family was Muslim. And he grew up during in Muslim countries. And is sympathetic to Muslims to such extent he has gone so far to give a major hostile threat, Iran, a lot of money back held in sanctions, and is allowing them to continue refining uranium with limited oversight. And this country has been kidnapping our citizens and Naval personnel, prompting him to turn around and send them ransom. It’s more unreasonable to believe he’s not a Muslim, or at least strong Muslim sympathizer. And frankly, it’s a load of BS if anyone calls that bigoted or racist, considering the part about ‘hostile’ regarding Iran, and we’re still fighting against factions of Islamic radicals that want us all dead or converted. That’s the only reason it’s an issue if he is or were one.

Now to the other polls (all 2 of them listed), where the issues are legitimate to the claim presented… it’s bad enough Hillary labeled half of his supporters as all of those things. But, this article comes in, and shows two polls. One, banning gays from entering US (and who came up with that crap question?). 31% of his followers support. That’s… a decent bit less than half. Also, that one doesn’t reflect Trump, because his only claims regarding LGBT people is he’s opposed to gay marriage, said states should decide, but that’s it (and Hillary supported DOMA that Bill signed… how’s that pro-gay rights?). Otherwise, Trump has either said states shouldn’t be passing anti-LGBT laws, has supported letting transgendered individuals use whatever bathrooms they want (everyone seems to forget the Jenner invite she took him up on). Or otherwise hasn’t said much. So those people in the pool don’t reflect his opinion in that area. Then, asking if whites are superior race. 16% yes. Seriously WAY less than half, not even a quarter. And marking those that said “not sure”… how’s that fair in an already borderline loaded question? Define “superior”. Is it defined by a religious view? Natural evolutionary view. Saying “I don’t know” doesn’t mean the same as “Yes”. Not even the same in all cases as “I’m not admitting it”. It means at least for some “I have no idea or basis of definition of “superior” in this context to answer”. Even adding it in… STILL under 50%.

And you proclaim she may be underestimating how hateful his base is? That’s pathetic.

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