Leaders are Supposed to Represent the Best of a Country Not the Worst

A quick overview of why Donald Sleazy is running for president and not that dude in highschool everyone loved.

Regardless of your political party of choice I doubt you believe that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the best people in America. One a potential felon and the other a racist bastard, these are not the kind of people you boast to your international friends about when you mention how things are going in the states.

It’s not a regular occurrence for me to overhear someone talking about the beautiful morals of our political leaders yet these are the people that we have chosen to be the face and voice of our country, and I must ask, why them?

I would agree that the majority of the people we have in office are the best out of the bunch. The real problem is that the bunch is sour from the beginning and no matter which apple you pick they all have a worm in them.

So why doesn’t the quality of the bunch improve? One would think that with access to an unlimited amount of information at your fingertips anyone could become a well informed political scientist and philosopher in no time. Why doesn’t that teacher everyone loves become a political frontrunner?

The answer is complicated but mainly involves a person’s family and wealth, it’s impossible to win a campaign without money. Those two factors are the spine of any candidate, and pretty well known to be the key of any election, but before those two come into play a person actually has to want to run for political office. I, like the majority of you, would never want to become a politician. The promise of the media consistently watching you and half the country disapproving with your views is just something that doesn’t exactly “flip my quarter.” Win or lose once you run for a major political position, state or country (even county), you are forever labeled as a politician and that is a title about as appealing as “that homeless dude who always checked me out.”

Politicians are just that, politicians (normally after I phrase a sentence that way I would end it with “dumb” or “a waste of human life” but the word politician already boils enough blood in people that an adjective is not required.) The promise of power and corruption attracts a very “special” kind of person and for as long as democracy has thrived on this planet those same people have called themselves our leaders. I understand not all of them have been bad, Abe knew what he was doing, but most of the time the politician has taken the term “person of the people” to mean “I can make a lot of under the table money.” What we need to do as voters is be able to turn on our bullshit radars every election season and elect the dude or dudet that has an interest in improving their constituents lives and not just because their PR rep told them to.

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