Oculus Quest Development — Unity Setup and Configuration

Brooks Robinson
Aug 23 · 11 min read

Oculus > Tools > Remove AndroidManifest.xml Oculus > Tools > Create store-compatible AndroidManifest.xml
Oculus > Platform > Edit Settings
Oculus > Avatars > Edit Settings

Enable Developer Mode On Your Quest

Install Android Studio and SDK Tools

Download and Install Unity

Create a New Unity Project

Download and Import Oculus Integration for Unity

Window > Asset Store

Install Oculus Android and XR Legacy Input Helpers Packages

Window > Package Manager

Configure Build and Player Settings

File > Build Settings

Create Store-Compatible AndroidManifest.xml

Oculus > Tools > Remove AndroidManifest.xmlOculus > Tools > Create store-compatible AndroidManifest.xml

Create an Application ID

Oculus > Platform > Edit Settings
Oculus > Avatars > Edit Settings

Create Your First VR Scene

Build and Run

File > Build Settings
Libraries > Unknown Sources

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