Thank you! Good points :) I enjoyed you reply a lot!
Andrei Draganescu

I never thought you had a beef with your readers. I’m sorry if I came across in a way that made it sound so. I just sensed that you had some frustration for a lack of readership — that competing with the authors Medium props up became a discouragement.

I wanted to encourage you that I enjoyed your articles, even if, until now, I hadn’t appeared visibly as a follower.

I see the legitimacy of your complaints. I have been toying with starting a blog and have been exploring the platform options. You post gave me something to think about.

The thing about platforms like Medium is that they are ultimately businesses. They are going to occasionally pivot and that does mean there are times they’ll break expectations.

I am reminded of Netflix which split into two companies — one for streaming content and one mailing DVDs. This agitated customers. They spoke out. The decision was reversed.

Sometimes we have the ability to effect such a change. Maybe your post will get some folks thinking. Maybe it’ll lead them to some action that Medium will notice. I don’t know. Platform users are, unfortunately, subject to the pivots of platform owners. That’s scary when you consider the time and energy investment.

I have been asking the same things you probably asked when you got started. Would Medium increase my visibility? Is that worth giving up control?

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