A More Perfect Union — On the back of this T-shirt is the preamble to the constitution

Our new American Icon T-shirts can be worn to show the world that you want to live in a better society. One way to make a powerful statement is to wear that powerful statement. If you like these, please support our kickstarter and get an American Icon T-shirt. We want to do our part to start the conversations that we hope can inspire action to deliver on the dream of a more perfect union.

The Othermill Pro is the cutest CNC milling machine and is tiny, but strong, with a spindle speed of up to 26,000 RPM

The announcement went out today that I have acquired Other Machine Co. Other Machine Co. makes the Othermill Pro, a high-precision CNC machine that is optimized for milling circuit boards. Electrical engineers use the Othermill Pro to make one and two sided circuit boards. Mechanical engineers use it to machine things like the world’s greatest jumping robot.

So Bre & Co. launched our first kickstarter with Adventure Owl. Kickstarter is a very compelling platform. We put our idea out there and people are supporting it. The experience is intoxicating. We get alerts whenever anyone backs Adventure Owl and the analytics are easy to look at to see where people are coming from. We set a minimal success number and hit it within 3 hours. That felt pretty awesome too. I highly recommend it as a platform for creatives and makers.

Adventure Owl is a little owl that has a secret compartment for a love note. Take…

In 2017 we’re looking forward to exploring. We’ve pointed our workshop in a direction that allows us to explore the territory of digital design, craftspersonship, and machines. It’s rich territory and endless potential energy.

At Bre & Co. we’ve got great products in the store, more products in the pipeline to launch in the new year, and an iterative design process to put to the test. I’m excited to try new things and beat trails into new territory. We are going to be shifting to making things in smaller batches to allow us to focus on exploring.

A few themes…

We have just launched the Bre & Co. Carbon Origami Watch. It’s our second watch The case is machined out of carbon fiber which shimmers with tiger-stripes. It’s not easy to machine carbon fiber, it is such a tough material that it wears out machining bits much faster than other materials. We’ve created a custom dial for this watch. The dial itself is aluminum with a black coating that has been etched to reveal a subtle Bre & Co. pattern. At 3.4 …

Bre & Co. is set up to make great gifts for your loved ones or yourself and now we’ve launched Team Gifts at www.bre.co. Team Gifts is an easy way to give a personalized gift to each member of your team. We’ve created a process so that after you choose a gift, you can write all team members a general message and then customize each one with an individualized messages. We’ve also set it up so it’s easy to choose personalized engravings for each person. …

Personalization is a powerful thing. At Bre & Co., we can laser engrave any of the things we make. If there is a small space, we can do initials or small words. With more space, there is room for a longer message with more sentiment and story. The engraving is part of the story you can create when checkout on the Bre & Co. website.

A few years ago, I had an experience with personalization that changed the tragectory of my life by getting me back into watches and cementing my belief that personalized things are the most meaningful objects.

Bre & Co. is launching today at www.bre.co and I’m very happy to have it live. Bre & Co. is making heirloom-quality gifts to give to your loved ones or to mark an achievement. I’ve been walking on a cloud the past few weeks as we’ve been getting ready to share with the world.

The first part of my life was dedicated to empowering creativity in humans. I did that as a puppeteer, teacher, tutorial videographer, and 3D printing leader. I’m opening a new chapter in my life exploring friendship and craftspersonship. I want to have deeper relationships in my…

At MakerBot we moved into our Brooklyn office at 314 Dean in early 2010. It was an inspiring and creative space until we got to be too many people with only one bathroom. It was a creative and intense place to work.

Then in 2013 we moved into new offices and built out the factory in sunset park and both Forest City and Jamestown set us up with epic spaces at the top of 1 Metrotech with a view of the entire city and hundreds of thousands of square feet of manufacturing space in industry city. …

It’s not easy to make things locally. Other countries subsidize manufacturing and invest heavily in manufacturing infrastructure. Special tax free economic zones and other dials have been turned in places to jumpstart manufacturing. Most things in the world are deeply commoditized. You can buy most home goods very cheaply at a 99 cent store.

Let’s think about that for a second. I can buy a 16 ounce glass from the 99 cent store for… 99 cents. Someone, far away, mined the raw materials, they were transported to a facility where a significant amount of energy in the form of heat…

Bre Pettis

Creative Explorer

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