Bre and Co. Moving To The Brooklyn Navy Yard

At MakerBot we moved into our Brooklyn office at 314 Dean in early 2010. It was an inspiring and creative space until we got to be too many people with only one bathroom. It was a creative and intense place to work.

Then in 2013 we moved into new offices and built out the factory in sunset park and both Forest City and Jamestown set us up with epic spaces at the top of 1 Metrotech with a view of the entire city and hundreds of thousands of square feet of manufacturing space in industry city. We kept 314 Dean and we set up the design studio there and then when I stepped down as CEO I moved back in to 314 Dean to set up a workshop to collaborate with artists to make experiment 3D printed things as Bold Machines.

Once I left Stratasys in 2015, I held on to 314 Dean and developed Bre & Co. there. We’ve designed some products with craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing. We’ll be out of stealth in a few weeks. Stay tuned for that.

We started doing experiments with ceramics that require high heat kilns that pull 100 amps. We ran out of juice. I started fantasizing of a giant diesel generator on our patio. The landlords (who have become friends) offered to help with the electricity, but we had hit space capacity. Then I acquired a Haas VF3 CNC to do metal machining and it was time to move.

Although I’ll miss it, I’m happy to be passing it along to friends to carry the flame of creativity at 314 Dean.

Our Haas VF3YT going into our new Brooklyn Navy Yard space

Our new space. It’s in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Our space here at the Brooklyn Navy Yard was pretty much gutted with no electrical cables and the floor had been made out of wood end cut bricks that had swollen and broken up during a flood. Steaped in grease, grime, and petroleum-ish goo, we pulled them out, laid concrete and electrical infrastructure is in process of getting all hooked up and in a few weeks we’ll be settled and back to work.

The shape of the place we work shapes the work we do and I’m excited that the Bre and Co. team will have a little more elbow room and electricity to make things with craftsmanship in our new space!