One thing you should know about me is that I try and be realistic about us humans. We are some sort of evolved species, but we’re made out of meat. We have all the upsides of sentience but our operating system is biological.

We are programmed biologically. We have brains, but they are mostly animal brains optimized to keep us breathing without thinking. We are so focused on survival that our habits around survival are invisible, like the water a fish swims in. Our brains compel us to have sex and take care of our children. The part of our brain that does the intelligent thinking, the cerebral cortex, seems to be used mostly to justify the decisions we make, not guide them. I don’t like this way of thinking, it makes it sound like I’m not in control. The older I get, the better I get to know people, even people I love, I find we are only barely in control of our lives. We will do the stupidest things to light up the pleasure centers in our brain. We do things we shouldn’t and as a species have built up bajillion dollar industries that encourage us to eat poorly and become addicted to things that make us sick and self destructive.

I just ate a boston creme donut and I probably should have just taped it to my chin.

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