Other Machine Company Acquisition

The Othermill Pro is the cutest CNC milling machine and is tiny, but strong, with a spindle speed of up to 26,000 RPM

The announcement went out today that I have acquired Other Machine Co. Other Machine Co. makes the Othermill Pro, a high-precision CNC machine that is optimized for milling circuit boards. Electrical engineers use the Othermill Pro to make one and two sided circuit boards. Mechanical engineers use it to machine things like the world’s greatest jumping robot.

The Othermill is at home with MakerBots in NYU’s ITP workshop

I believe that supporting creative explorers and empowering human potential is the most worthwile endeavor. I did this as a puppeteer, art teacher in Seattle Public, video tutorial maker for Make Magazine, and as CEO of MakerBot. As the new owner of Other Machine Co, I get to support a team that empowers humans to explore their potential and innovate.

Dr. Danielle Applestone and her team are a great group of dedicated and passionate people committed to precision. I’m excited to work with the team at Other Machine Co. to explore the frontier of accessible precision machining.

Other Machine Co. is currently running an “End of School Special” with 10% off all bundles. Use the code SCHOOLISOUT17 at checkout to get the hookup.

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