Halfway Through the “Semester”

Hard to believe, but today was the midpoint for my Corporate Communication class! The main topic we discussed today was social media and how it’s impacting the youth of our nation. Our class looked at an article by Sophie Jamieson, and it discussed how kids who spend three hours or more on social media or the Internet are twice as likely to suffer from mental illnesses and diseases. Not to mention, these children are more vulnerable to things like cyber bullying and social comparison, which deteriorate an individual’s overall mental health. We also looked at the various social media platforms that Disney utilizes, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and talked about possible improvements for these sites. One thing I think Disney should work on as far as social media is Guest interaction. When comparing Disney’s media sites to those of other large companies, this is one of the significant differences that our class observed. In the weeks to come, I will be reporting the news from various Disney locations with a few of my fellow classmates for an assignment. On another note, I successfully passed my kitchen assessment! I am now free to work in the kitchen without a trainer. And what would a blog post be without my magical moment of the day? I recently met a family of four from Orlando visiting Epcot for the Food & Wine Festival that I chose for our restaurant’s daily magical moment. The two parents, their teenage daughter and the woman’s sister were so grateful for their special meal. They asked me to take a picture with them to remember their time in Epcot! My family will be visiting me next week, so I will only be working for a few days. Until then, stay magical!

Our Magical Moment at the Liberty Inn
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