My Big Stupid Power Move Failure

Once upon a time I made a HUGE mistake with regards to power moves.

I kept on making the same mistake over and over again for several years.

But thank goodness I decided to finally and consciously break out of this bad mistake.

And now I’m so much better off.


What is this mistake?

And how can YOU avoid this mistake?


The mistake I made was NOT learning power moves.


Telling myself I was not made for power moves.

You see, I didn’t learn power moves until I was about 4 years into my bboy life.

I was all about the footwork right from the get-go.

But because I didn’t touch powermoves until so late into the game…

I began forging this weird identity on myself that I couldn’t do them.

I kept telling myself that I had no talent in learning power moves. That I wasn’t cut out for it.

And SIMPLY because of this mentality… I gave up often.

I would try windmills for a little bit, get it wrong, get discouraged and stop trying after.

The same went for swipes, haloes and flares.

And for anyone who has practiced power moves before, you’ll know this.

You WILL get it wrong at the start.

The challenge is whether you can identify your mistakes, make the necessary correction and continue persisting in learning.

But I didn’t.

I would beat myself up, give in to the idea that I couldn’t do power and just stopped trying.

And the cycle just kept on going.

I would stop practicing, which means I wasn’t going to get good at it. Which also means the next time I tried, I was going to fail again, which made me stop practicing.

Chances are — you know what I am talking about.

You tried something new, something technical… and you didn’t manage to get it in the first few tries.

In your mind, you just kept telling yourself that you ain’t cut out for this.

You are not talented enough. You just can’t do power, or footwork, or toprock (or whatever it is.)

Yes! It is true that some people pick things up faster. But that doesn’t mean that anything about you. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to.

It just means you have to put in more effort.

But THAT’s okay.

You will be able to do it.

You just have to overcome this weird limiting belief you set for yourself.

Like this weird limiting belief I set for myself.

And after I discovered I had this limiting belief… I destroyed it.

And since then… I’ve picked up powermoves WAY faster.

All because of this new mindset. And also because I met Erin, who was one of the rare few who could break down powermoves in a way that was simple to learn and understand.

(None of that bullcrap on how you just need to “do it!”)

Speaking of which… Erin released a power moves course in December last year to help bboys and bgirls learn power moves faster.

The course is currently closed but if you’d like to be notified when it re-launches again (and get that HEFTY discount that we’re prepping for you), kindly invite yourself over to this link here: