The One Similarity Between Lego and Da Vinci

Here’s another true story:

I have a friend whose greatest inspiration in breaking is the legendary bboy Lego.

(New bboys to the scene may not know who he is — but if you don’t, check him out.)

Anyway, Lego is one of those bboys who run full sets during battles.

And unabashedly so as well.

In any case…

Using the powers of the Internet, my friend managed to get ahold of Lego’s email address.

And being the huge fanboy he is… He sent him an email.

Inside the email, he asked Lego why he ran full sets, instead of doing mini-sets and interspersing them with freestyle moves, or doing all-out freestyle.

And here was Lego’s reply (paraphrased from my memory):

“I treat my moves and movements like a piece of painting. Before I create a set, everything is a blank canvas. When I mix and match my moves and put them together in a complete set, I am painting a beautiful piece of art. Something that might be painted by da Vinci. Everything is put together in that manner because it is a piece of art — and it is supposed to be that way. I create art.”

Now, I cannot be 100% sure whether Lego phrased it that way.

But the gist is there.

Anyway, the advice is profound.

Take a moment to ingest it.

And digest what Lego said.


I want you to look at the advice from a principled and philosophical point of view.

Not merely tactical.

A tactical bboy looking for a quick tip will walk away with the piece of advice: “Create full sets.”

But that’s not what Lego meant.

Or at least how I interpreted it.

What Lego truly meant is…

There are NO right ways to go about doing breaking.

There are NO wrong ways either.

Breaking is art — and art is subjective.

YOU express your art in your own manner.

There are no running full sets is better than running mini-sets. There are no freestyle is better than full sets.

There is no complete right or wrong.

There is ONLY you — the way you want to express yourself.

If you agree with Lego, and his philosophy of crafting a painting — then YES, go ahead and make full sets.

If you believe in freestyle art (like freestyle rap) — then go ahead and freestyle.


The artist is you, and the art is what you create.

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