Do you have a lot of negative thoughts? Do you find it difficult to avoid negative thinking? This little story of mine hopefully will help you to finally learn how to avoid negativity in life and of course negative thoughts.

Firstly I would recommend you to watch the above video to learn more who I am and how did I end up creating this blog post. But if you enjoy reading more then continue here. (And please do not mind my writing style, as I am not native in English)

Here is a problem with negative thoughts, as you may know universe will create your reality based on your thoughts, therefore giving space to those bad thoughts will allow universe (or your life, call whatever you want, maybe god) to bring them in your actual life. This will affect all parts of your life in a bad way. Probably your life is not perfect and that is why you are here, to find out how to avoid negative thinking. That’s the best decision you could make.


Your environment, People around you, Nutrition have direct impact on your thoughts. If you live in a place where you find many negative events happening (e.g. crime) this will dramatically affect your mind. Also, if people around you are negative, this will also affect you. And the last one is my favourite because it is less obvious. Eating junk food also affects your thoughts. Why? Thoughts are generated in your brain, brain is the organ which needs minerals, vitamins, amino acids in order to function properly. As soon as you do not provide necessary nutrition to your brain it functions poorly. Broken brain is dangerous!

In this blog I will talk a lot about brain, how it works and why it is The Most important organ in our bodies (yeah more important than sexual organs 😀 ).

You want to achieve certain things in your life (e.g. avoid negative thinking) but you are not yet able, it is because your brain doesn’t have necessary information. It’s like computers, your brain is missing an “application” that you need to install. Once the app is there your brain starts functioning better.


Change environment you are at (obviously it won’t happen in 1 day). Try to identify the negative environment, is it at your work place? is it your home? etc. Make a goal, how will you avoid it? (change a job, move out from your parents, etc..)

Change people. Also try to identify negative people in your life, who are they, what they do negatively etc. Sometimes it is not easy to change people, maybe most of the time it is not. But you will need to make a strategy, first step is always to identify those people and bring awareness to them. Make a goal, would you rather talk to them about it or maybe they won’t be able to understand it at all? Then make decision how will you deal with it.

The last one actually is up to you, seems easier to change, modify your eating habits. Well, in most cases easier said then done isn’t it? That’s because, Yes, it’s your brain to blame again. For this part I would highly recommend you to subscribe to this blog. This blog is all about addiction and how to beat it. Eating habits are also addictive behavior which needs a deeper solution rather then “dieting” for couple of Month and then going back to your usual habits.

This is what I have for you today. Hope you enjoyed it and good luck with your negative thinking, I solving the negative thinking.

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