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How to get the most out of the Olympics with the Breaking News app

Follow your favorite sporting events (and avoid spoilers)

The Olympics are upon us, and the Breaking News app provides a unique way to follow the news you want to see — and mute the news you don’t.

Over the 16 days of the Rio Games, we’ll be covering the high points across 32 sporting events. By following a sport in the app — like gymnastics, swimming, soccer or beach volleyball — you can receive a push notification whenever there’s a significant development. Just head over to the “following” tab, search for the sport and tap the follow button:

(If you want detailed sports coverage of the Games, we recommend the official NBC Sports app.)

Since Rio’s time zone is only an hour ahead of the East Coast, most Olympic events will be covered live (here’s the schedule). But there are still opportunities for spoilers. If you want to avoid any coverage of the Olympics in the app, tap the “mute” button next to any “2016 Olympics” story. You can also avoid updates about individual sports— just search for them in the “following” tab and hit the mute button:

We’re also watching for any security-related incidents at the Games, monitoring social media, local news coverage and user tips. We’ll be posting any updates in the app, and if there’s a significant incident, we’ll send our first notification as an “emerging alert.” You can turn on (or off) emerging alerts in the “me” section of the app.

If you’re in Rio for the Games, head on over to the “nearby” tab to see news and tips near your location, and if you see news, please share a tip:

If you have any questions, check out the “help” section in the “me” tab, or you can just drop us a note. Have a happy Olympics!

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