Why A Blog Brings Big Business

Have you been thinking it might be time to consider a blog, but aren’t sure if you can pull it off or if it will provide value?

There’s much more to having a company blog than just getting more visitors to your website because Google decided to send them there.

To begin with, having a regularly updated blog forces you to stay up to dat with every new trend or piece of content having to do with what you’re selling. It puts what you’re trying to sell, or your industry in general, in a way that the everyday consumer can understand. It also makes you as a marketer a better communicator, so you’re able to pull from various resources and answer any question a customer might throw at you. Writing a blog is like practicing for a game. The more you practice, the more skilled you get — which leads to more victories or, in your case, sales.

Providing helpful content to your audience makes them trust you. If they’re logging on to your blog just to get the information you’re offering — for example, you sell a health supplement and you post a blog about the latest way to burn fat — they may not buy your product that day. But building trust takes time. And the customer will trust you to be a resource for solid content — which will make it easy for them to trust that you’re selling a quality product. Simply put:

Helpful Content = Trust

Trust = Leads

Leads = Sales

Blogs offer another place for customer feedback, which is endlessly valuable. By promoting active discussion on your company blog and then truly listening to what is said, you will constantly get questions from individuals wanting to find out more, much of which can then be turned into another blog post. Having a good rapport with customers will teach you how to think from their perspective.

Blogs attract instant traffic. Having a website alone, your content is limited to a few pages with infrequent updates. Blogs are traffic magnets; Google loves them and indexes them much faster than other pages. Relevant keywords in your blog posts will direct traffic directly to your website and drive sales.

Wouldn’t you love to have a solid email list to market to? When your blog readers see value in your content, most of the time they’ll be happy to subscribe. You can offer small promotions in return for their email addresses, discounts….the possibilities are endless.

Some cold hard stats:

There are almost a quarter of a billion active blogs out there.

25 billion blog pages are viewed every month.

There are half a million new blog posts daily.

400,000 comments are posted daily on blogs.

Websites with blogs have 97% more inbound SEO links than those without.

61% of U.S. consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post.

70% of customers learn more about a brand through a blog rather than ads.

Most people read 5–10 blogs every day.

Companies with more than 50 blog posts experience a 77% lift in median monthly leads.

Reasons to Link A Blog To Your Facebook Page

Pages with a lot of likes can only be helped by a link to your blog. For one, it reminds past customers who like your page that you still exist. Customers weary of ads may delight in a simple, informative blog post that actually offers something they want.

You know that sharing something helpful, funny or shocking is a great way to get people to share and share again. Linking to your blog posts from your page can begin this viral spread more quickly than if you hadn’t, because it lessens the number of steps followers have to take to share on the social network. People are more likely to share the less effort it takes to do so.

You can use Facebook’s boost feature to promote your blog with your budget and create even more exposure to your site.

If you create a blog page centered around providing useful information, post interesting comments, and add some personality to help connect with your Facebook followers, you will definitely be rewarded with new followers and direct increases to your site and sales by having a blog.

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